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The 14allbio project is supported by the European Commission and designed to gather, analyze and distribute data about the biotech industry in Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey.

Our final report is available! Click on the picture to download it:

Click on the country names to read the national reports on the state of the biotech sector:

Bulgaria Lithuania
Croatia Malta
Cyprus Poland
Czech Republic Romania
Estonia Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia
Latvia Turkey

Click here to see the final policy recommendations based on the report.

Download a list of our regional partners

As part of the project, comprehensive life science databases have been created for each country and are being populated with company data. This data will then be used to compile a report analyzing the state of the biotech industry in each country which will be presented at key conferences.

Your help is greatly appreciated if you are a member of a life sciences company in any of these countries. Please click on your country database below, search for your company and verify that the data is complete and correct. If you would like to edit information about your company please click on the “click here to update this profile” link at the bottom of your profile.

Bulgarian Biotech Database 

Hungarian Biotech Database

Romanian Biotech Database

Croatian Biotech Database 

Latvian Biotech Database

Slovenian Biotech Database

Cypriot Biotech Database

Lithuanian Biotech Database 

Slovakian Biotech Database

Czech Biotech Database

Maltese Biotech Database

Turkish Biotech Database

Estonian Biotech Database

Polish Biotech Database




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